The Agen Workshop

July 22-27, 2019 | Agen, France

The Pioneer of European TPRS Conferences.

Comprehensible-Input methods and TPRS.

About The Agen Workshop

Whatever method they say they use, all successful teachers give their students the comprehensible input necessary needed to acquire language.

At the Agen Workshop, we strive to put Stephen Krashen’s work at the hear of our classroom practice.

Teaching with Comprehensible Input and TPRS are spreading around the world.

The Agen Workshop began with 15 teachers in 2013. There were 80 in 3017, coming from 23 different countries, including Japan and Australia.

Join us to discover a “game-changing” method and a community of dedicated teachers that keep coming back for more.

Our Program

Morning Language-Lab Sessions

What does it feel like to be a novice student in a Comprehensible-Input class? As you learn Breton, Mandarin, Spanish, French, or English, you will observe master teachers and discover strategies and techniques that make acquisition compelling and motivating.

If you teach Breton, Mandarin, Spanish, French, or English, you can observe and assist the teacher, practicing some of the basic TPRS/CI skills with the help of an experienced coach.


Our team of kind and caring coaches offer personalized coaching sessions that let you decide what you want and need to work on.

Afternoon Sessions

During the afternoon sessions, there will be practical, hands-on workshops on fluency writing, embedded reading, very-narrow listening, readers’ theater, advanced levels, classroom management, using films, adult students, basic CI techniques, working with technology, working with special-needs students, and much, much more.

Evening Coaching Sessions

And for the night owls, there will be evening sessions of coaching at the Stim’otel.

Where It’s At

Lycée Saint Caprais
8 Rue Raspail
47000 Agen, France